Shiori, Places & Spaces

 “I have finally found a place for my writing, where I can continue to have the freedom to be creative in my own ways, and to share about the things I have grown to love. I am satisfied with my choice to take a chance with joining Carpe, and to allow my voice to be shared and heard by the world, no matter how shaky it may be sometimes. “

Aurelli, Music & Fashion

“I wasn’t too particularly worried about speaking to people and conducting street interviews, but any nervousness or anxiety that I had disappeared with the encouragement of the Carpe girls.

When it comes to more complex interviews which require a steadier stream of conversation, I get a lot more worried. The interview I held during GardenBeats was my very first proper interview so I felt really jittery etc, but again, with the help of Athena, Gabs and Angel, I ended up overcoming that fear.”

Liang Ying, Socio & Entertainment

“I joined Carpe Bloom mostly for two reasons – one, to learn more about the world we live in and hoping I can connect to it – especially in Singapore’s context – and two, to improve my writing. Being part of team Carpe has really opened up my eyes to issues that I would have never thought of before – for example, supporting our local music industry and women empowerment. Carpe explores so many issues and themes I would have never thought of associating myself with and I am thankful for being exposed to such experiences and given the opportunities.

Writing for Carpe has helped me tremendously too! I think I definitely learnt more vocabulary and how to write good feature articles hahaha. Cheers to working with Carpe and our wonderful team!”