No Biggie for Timothee Yap

"Athletics has always been my passion since young. I truly enjoy training, competing and pushing my body to the limit and I always had the goal of being the fastest man in Singapore." We interview Timothee Yap - known for his work in athletics, acting and soon-to-come: law - and find out about what it means to be driven to the max.


Laura Kasperzak met us with a burning smile in the blazing sun -- resplendent of a trail-blazer in her field! We talked to her about keeping in line with your goals, for your own pursuit of happiness. Her words of advice rung concisely and clearly through our minds: That choosing to leap into the unknown [...]


A habit is a routine of behaviour or process that you practise regularly - it is intrinsic to your day, unconsciously performed, and may be a good or bad habit. For issue 6 of Carpe Bloom - the issue to close off 2018 - we don't want to hear about why you think your habit should be [...]