No Biggie for Timothee Yap

"Athletics has always been my passion since young. I truly enjoy training, competing and pushing my body to the limit and I always had the goal of being the fastest man in Singapore." We interview Timothee Yap - known for his work in athletics, acting and soon-to-come: law - and find out about what it means to be driven to the max.

In All Her Filtered Glory

Looks can be altered permanently with machinery in a plastic surgeon’s office...But in an age where anything truly is possible, you can look like someone else entirely with a shake of your head, or fit a specific stereotype in a second. Today we're talking: Instagram Filters.


A habit is a routine of behaviour or process that you practise regularly - it is intrinsic to your day, unconsciously performed, and may be a good or bad habit. For issue 6 of Carpe Bloom - the issue to close off 2018 - we don't want to hear about why you think your habit should be [...]


School. That's a place where young people from different racial backgrounds congregate together. We study a wide range of subjects together, take exams together, try not to fall asleep in class - together. And there's something magical about that. A tight-knit community culture is something characteristic of Singapore. Because we're a small country, we put in [...]