School. That's a place where young people from different racial backgrounds congregate together. We study a wide range of subjects together, take exams together, try not to fall asleep in class - together. And there's something magical about that. A tight-knit community culture is something characteristic of Singapore. Because we're a small country, we put in [...]


ISSUE 5: AMO, ARMOUR [LOVE, ARMOUR] We will be headed into the thick of 2018 by the time Issue 5 will drop on online platforms, and as young people ourselves—we definitely understand the struggles of getting through the seemingly endless months/days of exhausting work. Being emotionally drained is something that may hinder one’s progress and cause us [...]

The Light Above Cloud 9

To me, when I hit cloud nine is when I come out of the whole “dark” area, because I had triumph that evil, and that is something I should be proud of. Clairene Tan wrote to us after a major national exam, sharing her views on what being 'above' Cloud 9 means to her, and [...]