SINE BAND SG: The Average and More of Everything

In June, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the band SINE – Marcus, Eugene, CJ – for an in-depth conversation on creative identity, their debut EP, and personal thoughts about progressing in the local music scene. SINE BAND SG talked to us rather candidly,  and we couldn’t be more grateful for the interesting Continue reading SINE BAND SG: The Average and More of Everything


School. That’s a place where young people from different racial backgrounds congregate together. We study a wide range of subjects together, take exams together, try not to fall asleep in class – together. And there’s something magical about that. A tight-knit community culture is something characteristic of Singapore. Because we’re a small country, we put in Continue reading COLLAPSE OF CONSTRUCTION | TAKING ACTION


adrian wee / eatmepoptart We had a great conversation with Adrian Wee of eatmepoptart. Here’s an excerpt (including two questions we left out from the full thing, because we wanted to post this special)! Here’s the full thing. CBLOOM: Before hitting the decks, is there some sort of procedure or ritual that you and the DJs playing for Continue reading TONIGHT WILL BRING YOU : eatmepoptart


CARPE BLOOM: I understand that you guys changed name, from TAKE TWO to M1LDL1FE, and we’re wondering: Does the meaning of a name restrict you to playing certain genres of music or producing a certain sound/channeling a specific vibe? Do you think that labels help define a musician’s experience in their musical journey, or limit them? Peng Sing of M1LDL1FE: Continue reading M1LDL1FE: WHAT’S IN A NAME?