The Light Above Cloud 9

To me, when I hit cloud nine is when I come out of the whole “dark” area, because I had triumph that evil, and that is something I should be proud of. Clairene Tan wrote to us after a major national exam, sharing her views on what being 'above' Cloud 9 means to her, and [...]


adrian wee / eatmepoptart We had a great conversation with Adrian Wee of eatmepoptart. Here's an excerpt (including two questions we left out from the full thing, because we wanted to post this special)! Here's the full thing. CBLOOM: Before hitting the decks, is there some sort of procedure or ritual that you and the DJs playing for [...]


Around 4 in the morning -- armed with Pocky and Hello Panda biscuits -- G and I did some serious brainstorming for 2018, and we all know that brainstorming, ideation, all of this requires some inspiration. We read part of the M1LDL1FE interview, and were reminded again of why we needed to push in the name [...]


At this point, I was deep in admiration for Ferry’s awareness of her audiences and for the passion and caution in which she carries with her when working on creative projects. There are often many times when creative projects start to spiel off tangent because of factors such as the need to do certain ‘branding’ [...]