We’ve come to the middle of our campaign. The question is, is #CollapseofConstruction simply a campaign brought in to highlight the need to break negative constructions, that prevent us from celebrating each other’s diversity? The answer is no. Collapse of Construction is not just a campaign, but functions also as shelf for catharsis; for our Continue reading COLLAPSE OF CONSTRUCTION | THE TRUTH ABOUT IT


As Bella put wonderfully, when there is diversity, we need to learn to go beyond tolerance and move towards wholeheartedly accepting the differences between us. As youth, we are in the position to reshape the culture of acceptance in our current Singaporean society. The idea of tolerance plays a part in helping us progress forwards for Continue reading COLLAPSE OF CONSTRUCTION | ACCEPTANCE & ACCELERATION


We spoke to EUNCHONG, the Korean entrepreneur/business-owner of +82 Cafe in Singapore, located at Rendevous Hotel. We had the honour of conducting our first entirely non-English interview with him – with the help of our talented interpreter, Norika. FUN FACT 1: +82 is S.Korea’s dialing code! FUN FACT 2: Eunchong’s brother is…a member of K-Pop group BTOB! Continue reading HEART TO SAY WITH EUNCHONG


ISSUE 5: AMO, ARMOUR [LOVE, ARMOUR] We will be headed into the thick of 2018 by the time Issue 5 will drop on online platforms, and as young people ourselves—we definitely understand the struggles of getting through the seemingly endless months/days of exhausting work. Being emotionally drained is something that may hinder one’s progress and cause us Continue reading ISSUE 5: AMO, ARMOUR {OPEN CALL}

CRIMSON INC: the inspiration, creation, and escapism

I’ve been playing drums for 10 years. From then till now, it’s been nothing but music. I’ve got no hobbies, nothing. I eat, breathe and sleep drums, songs and music. So each time I strike that drum, it makes me feel happy. My aim when I play music in a band, is to make myself Continue reading CRIMSON INC: the inspiration, creation, and escapism

ART STAGE 2018: Carpe Bloom Reviews

Carpe Bloom went to Art Stage 2018, an anchor event for Singapore Art Week this year. Art Stage is a fair held annually in both Singapore and Jakarta. Within the fair are galleries – each of these galleries house the individual pieces of artists from Asia and sometimes the home-country of the curators, such as Continue reading ART STAGE 2018: Carpe Bloom Reviews