Our girl SHAI OTHMAN, vocalist of Crimson Inc, emerged CAHMPION of iSing: Singapore 2018, and will be heading to Paris to compete in the World  Championships tomorrow!

Here are 3 things Shai (@akushai on Instagram) had to tell us about her motivation to continue competing as a young talent in Singapore.

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Shai and her band CRIMSON INC (@crimsonincsg) with us for a special interview in 2018!

1. What is your motivation, as a young Singer, to continue joining competitions?

We asked Shai this question because she’s already debuted with her band and  won a number of other competitions in the past; we wanted to discern her amazing drive to constantly put her vocals to the test!

SHAI: At first, the motivation was the cash prize. But I realized that that mindset messes with your self-esteem. Now I use my progress as my motivation. I continued joining competitions to see where I’m at, at my singing, which areas I could improve on both as a singer and a performer.

2. What do you look forward to doing in Paris?

SHAI: Nothing too fancy. Walking around and enjoying the beautiful Paris on it’s own. The culture, the people. That’s what I’m looking forward to most!


3. What’s your #SHAIMANTRA?

Shai is a powerful soul with an equally powerful voice and an energetic presence that captivates her audience – what could her go-to ‘cheer up’  phrase be? – boy, we were treated with her entire band’s stellar performance at the Esplanade this February, and are looking forward to more!


Big on love for her family and those around her, she cheerfully adds that ‘ ’em ‘ refers to her loved ones.

We’re glad to have caught up with Shai before her PARIS flight, and wish her the best of luck at the World  Championships of iSing 2018! 

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