ibid. issue 8 (2).png


ibid means: from the same source. And that’s all we want to convey this issue – that when many of us are at the crossroads of our future and present, we can draw strength from the same source of our old pasts, our brokenness, our growing pains. Our interpretation of ibid is meant to be over-the-top: because the recognition of strength within us all should be celebrated as a victory. The strongest people are the ones who can forgive and forge forward, creating their own AND I OOP moments, stopping the spread of sadness in their journey.

ibid. is an over-reading. It’s over-the-top. But at this point in time, here’s to believing more than we thought was possible to completely step out of the history that binds us, and stand up in a bid for our future.


This National Day, what do you bid for?

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