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Heart to Say is a pun on the phrase ‘hard to say’, and it serves as a platform for our inspirations to convey what they want to say, from their hearts, to young people. Here is a place where Carpe Bloom works with inspirations–who have incredible passion for what they do–to convey a message from the heart to other young people. Nope, this won’t be in interview format – just pure advice or messages from people who inspire us.

We definitely love to hear what those who inspire and create would truly want to convey to youth everywhere. From the heart, to other hearts. xx

Watch this space for featured artistes & entrepreneurs in September to December 2017!



This segment is an exclusive segment with all rights and permissions belonging to Athena Tan Jiaxin. The ideation and design was formulated by her and the concept should not be reproduced in an altered version, in other places online unless discussed with her.



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