Garden Beats: People say What?

Welcome to the third installment of our special Garden Beats coverage. Here’s Garden Beats 2020 was truly a beacon of hope and energy amidst the hustle and bustle of a world concerned with the coronavirus, and the daily stresses of life. People started to stream into Fort Canning’s gates by late afternoon, and by evening, the Green haven was packed to the brim with people who were here to support music, food — typical festival fanfare.


But what set Garden Beats apart was the ‘activation’ zones littered across the Festival grounds. Because beyond providing the usual festival experience, GBEATS 2020 also infused the theme of eco-friendliness through festival policy – bring a cup or rent a cup, no plastic disposables, and the integration of exhibits and activities that enabled festival-goers to work towards taking their own environmental action.

Festival-goers Isyzlee and Wanyee said: “We try practicing good environmental habits by reducing carbon footprints and single use plastic.” Beyond the festival, they got a Stogo biggie portable cup — a collapsible cup. “We bring it whenever we are out! Every little bit of effort counts!”

During the festival itself, teamCARPE sat down with various inspirations who played at Garden Beats LIVE on 29th February. Said French producer Viken Arman, “Right now, it [‘going green’] is a concern of our generation — we are all concerned about it, yeah. I truly believe that we all have a mission and we all have to do something, so you know it starts with the kind of small things.”

“Try to reduce plastic use . Plastic use is the worst enemy.” Viken paused to pick up the Juju smoothie on his desk, in a non-plastic cup.”Just by thinking that there’s something wrong should be enough to — force you to — swap it out and replace it. Just always remember that you’re part of the solution.” 

We also had the honour of talking to DJ Aurora (Francesca). “In everyday life, it can be difficult to commit to taking environmental action.”

“I try to use reusable or biodegradable materials. At this point in time, Singapore is growing the environmental scene and taking small steps. I take small steps, too!” She adds with a cheery smile. “I like to make the choice to eat in the hawker centre instead of packing away, so that I don’t use any plastic packaging.” Read her full interview here.

Lastly, we heard from Dali Schonfelder, a panelist at Garden Beats’ special series of talks on sustainability. She is the founder of Nalu Clothing, and her own green efforts naturally culminated from her passion with clothing in general. “I try to buy as much sustainable clothing as possible — slow fashion”, she clarifies, “I look out for these and support that.”

“So I actually do upcycling. I try to integrate my passion for sustainability into my love for creating clothing under Nalu; I think that it has been incorporated or brought into my larger goals.”

Catch up with the rest of our Garden Beats coverage right HERE on Carpe Bloom!

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