Garden Beats: the DJ Aurora Way

This is the second installment of our Garden Beats 2020 package; view the rest of our coverage with GARDEN BEATS here.

“Behind every successful man is a woman” — in 2020, we’re really glad that that particular mind-set has been cast away, because behind every single individual’s success is their own grit and hard work. And so, we start off this story by highlighting that behind every single successful house masterpiece produced — is a Francesca. A DJ Aurora, who does it the Francesa-way (Follow her on Instagram at francescaway)!

Carpe: Hey Francesca! We’re so, so excited to talk to you after an amazing set. Can you share with us your why — why exactly did you start DJ-ing?

Francesca:  I already had a skillset in marketing — I was doing marketing for different areas in the nightlife scene! I was exposed to a lot of different kinds of producing, actually, during this marketing career, and had the opportunity to hear different kinds of sounds and DJs.

Main - Aurora (1)

Carpe: We understand that it’s not always easy to embark on a career in the nightlife scene, and that for young people — they might find trouble gaining experience in this particular industry because of negative conceptions about the environment. Do you have any advice for young people who are keen on starting out, playing in nightlife?

Francesca: Honestly, it’s about being careful. You need to know what you are doing it[a career in the nightlife scene] for; it needs to be for the right reason. A lot of people who wan to start DJing or producing music to play at clubs or parties or events — they fall into the trap of doing it for fame or something.

I think it’s very important that you do it not for drinks, but for dreams. Your actual dream has to keep you anchored, and you have to be cautious.

“I think it’s very important that you do it not for drinks, but for dreams.”

Carpe: What was your personal reason as to why you delved into DJing, into becoming DJ Aurora?

Francesca: To be very honest, I didn’t have that ‘vision’ of entering nightlife when I was younger, no. I didn’t envision myself doing this — I don’t think it’s something that people envision, but gradually fall into and love along the way. So after university, I wanted to do something kind of fun for a bit, and it became a career — and that is when I realized that this is interesting, that through music, through being behind the decks, I can connect with people. It is a way for me to connect.

Carpe: Thank you so much for sharing that. It really is wonderful to hear that healthy sort of growth from passion into something you wanted to keep doing as a job, as an official career! We do have one last question — and it would be one we hope we won’t have to ask in the future, when disparity is resolved. How is it like being a female DJ?

Francesca: Yeah, I understand. There is a stigma, actually, that female DJs face — that they are there to look good; that it isn’t really about the music they play but how their appearance is. I think it’s something that I’ve actually had to deal with, where I have gone into gigs — and they ask if there is a male DJ instead.

For me, I’ve always focused on music; developing my house-based style. I think it’s great, actually, seeing that there are women and organisations like Garden Beats that recognises that people are here for their talent, for music, regardless of whatever gender you may be.

I think it’s something that I’ve actually had to deal with, where I have gone into gigs — and they ask if there is a male DJ instead.

Thank you so much, DJ Aurora, for sitting down with us for a quick conversation about your vision, motivations and even your environmental practises — that will be spotlighted in our special Garden Beats: People Say Environment package on CARPEBLOOM.COM soon! Stay tuned for that, and catch up with DJ Aurora here!

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