In today’s two-part exclusive, writer Ngan Lin sits down with two adored vintage/thrift-shop owners who incorporate social media in their dealings of clothing from times before the popularity of the Internet. Edited by founding ed. Athena. 

Lunar New Year is one of the longest holidays–and while it provides a good three-five day break for a lot of people in countries which celebrate LNY, the holiday comes with strings attached. There are unspoken ‘rules’ and traditions to adhere to, such as cleaning out the house, and buying new clothes.

Yet, there have been instances of respectful, polite subversion to the ‘buying of new clothes’ as young people turn to vintage shopping and thrifting for ‘old as new’ pieces, latching on to the trend favouring the revival of retro. CARPE BLOOM had the honour of speaking to two of our favourite vintage-store Instagrammers, sellers and creators over the Lunar New Year Break. Welcome to Vintage New Year.

Joey of blushpocket gave us a pocket of her time this Vintage New Year.

Hi Joey! For the youth who are just starting to embrace slow fashion, could you give a brief summary about the features of your store and any goals you’d hope to achieve in 2020? 

I started my store in February of 2019 with the intention and hope of clearing my own closet. Whilst that was the main premise, I also hoped to bring about awareness in regard to thrifting and second-hand shopping. The store eventually evolved; it was elevated and transitioned towards curated thrifting (online and offline) and was no longer simply focused on clearing my own closet. I would associate the main feature and goal of my store to deliver the notion that thrifted and second-hand clothing can look great too. I constantly put in the effort to curate clothing that I believe that my buyers would enjoy. 

joey 3.jpg

In the future, I hope that blushpocket will be more active in 2020 and will be able to attract more people to thrift and shop for second-hand items and clothing.

Joey, you’re known beyond what you retail–lots of people are fans of your personal style and photos, and we echo that sentiment! We think that your style is the absolute bomb-dot-com! We’d love to ask: where do you get your outfit inspirations from?

Thank you! My style is not influenced from any source in particular from but I do draw a lot of inspiration from my Instagram explore page. I enjoy seeing how others are open to layering and pairing unique combinations, which drives me to put on my [personal] spin on it.

joey 1.jpg

That’s interesting to hear! The ‘explore’ page is a wild place and it’s so cool to hear that you are readily inspired by the variety of posts that appear, and turn multiple influences into the most awesome look ever. 

Personally, I really enjoy purchasing second hand clothing–but with CNY around the corner, do you have any words of advice for people who are adamant about rejecting second hand clothing as an option?

 I am unable to dictate or stop people from buying only brand-new clothing, but I hope that I can instill the idea that second-hand garments do not immediately equate to dirty or old clothing. Most of the time, they can exude or possess unique characteristics and may even look completely brand-new. Thrifted pieces also tend to be one-of-one, so you’ll get the opportunity to own a piece no one else is going to have.

“Thrifted pieces also tend to be one-of-one, so you’ll get the opportunity to own a piece no one else is going to have”.

We love the message you’re trying to send with your store, and the way you use Instagram to get reach, to sell and to gather fans and support! It’s very entrepreneurial of you to use the social media tools available and do something more with your passion!  How do you envision your store’s future?

I hope that Instagram thrift stores will continue to thrive and prosper. As people are getting more exposed to the idea of thrifting, I would love to see the scene progress even further! I’m sure it is obvious that I take really mediocre modeled shots as compared to other stores. I would love to take more professional shots and perhaps create a set-up to shoot my clothing.

joey 2.jpg

Thank you, Joey, for being a champion of the slow-fashion, fast-selling trend that youth can access and appreciate. Catch up with Joey here, and Ngan Lin here!

Stay tuned for more gems of a conversation, because part two of this series will be live next week on Carpe Bloom!


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