Legacy | Farah Farz

Welcome to the start of the LEGACY SERIES – featuring exclusives with local and international musical acts who took the stage on the first weekend of December. 

We had the wonderful opportunity to talk to local DJ Farah Farz, who shook up second stage at Legacy Festival 2019. Besides being beyond honoured to tell her how great her set was, we had a few questions for the neon goddess.


F – Farah Farz, C – Carpe Bloom

C: Hi Farah! It’s amazing to have this conversation with you – you really got the crowd jumping at Siloso! Nobody does it like you. Who or what has inspired you to move forward or embark on this journey in electronic dance music with a unique blend of genres?

F: At 13, you would find a younger Farah staying up till the wee hours of the morning on Youtube, looking for remixes of her favourite indie electronic tracks. Little did she know 10 years later she would be doing the same thing but this time as a job instead! I have always been a music lover of all kinds of genres. At age 6 I remember my favourite song being Madonna’s “Music” and the lyrics begin with “Hey Mister DJ, put a record on…”. Sometimes I even wondered if it was destined for me to become a DJ. My mum is my biggest music influencer. She had this elaborate sound system and would use to play hip-hop, R&B and pop — and blast it throughout the entire house! Even till today sometimes we would wake up [listening] to Kanye West or Armin Van Buuren, depending on what she was feeling that particular morning. Growing up listening to a vast array of genres, I [naturally] would have acquired a diversified taste in music. Usually in my DJ sets, I will try to incorporate a mix of genres. Electronic dance music serves as an umbrella term that encompasses multiple genres, which means that the music selections are endless! These days I am constantly being inspired by everything and anything around me, both animate and inanimate alike. It truly is an exciting era to be in! 

photo6316730564438239824 (1)
C/O Farah Farz

C: Thank you so much for your extensive insight into the music genres you enjoy, and what influences you – you are a fantastic story-teller, not just through music, but through words! We’re so glad to be talking to you, Farah! You’ve told us about your main sources of influence, and we want to know: What do you think of the Asian EDM scene?

F: The Asian EDM scene is constantly evolving in parallel with the current music trends. It is amazing to see people slowly opening up to new and different things. I feel that radio and club DJs play a vital role in educating the crowd when it comes to music. There are so many well-established Asian EDM artistes that have made a mark globally and maybe perhaps one day I would [be one of them] too!

C: Your work is masterful and well-crafted, and you definitely are an icon that local dance music lovers look up to! Do you have any advice for young people who aspire to enter the music industry?

F: Thank you, you’re too kind! My advice would be to be experimental and versatile. Exercise your ears to listen to various genres. You may never know what might trigger your inspirations. Don’t be afraid to be bold and try new and different things. Never let naysayers get in your way because you are bound to come across pessimism. Stay true to yourself and do what you love because ultimately, that is what matters most. 

photo6316730564438239825 (1)
C/O Farah Farz

C: In your opinion, was Legacy a good opportunity for DJs to play for a larger audience, and for audiences to be introduced to EDM thanks to a wonderful  line-up — including yourself?

F: Aw thank you! Legacy was most definitely a great platform for DJs (especially locals), to perform to a bigger audience. The sense of euphoria was unreal. People were there to listen to music and rave, which meant that they were ready to hear whatever you were going to play. This in itself was a great opportunity to introduce new music such as EDM, to the crowd.


Thank you so much Farah – it’s been an honour speaking to you, as one of the festival’s favourite rockers of the stage.

Keep up to date with Farah on socials and find out more about this powerful queen here!

Legacy Festival Event Graphics (2)
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