We last talked to Ens, the creator of howpetalsfall, an online store that retails enamel pins and earrings designed and marketed by Ens herself. Her shop, howpetalsfall, has been lauded for consistently delivering the highest quality products to her consumers, with strict metrics for the quality of her products. We revisit her interview for end-of-the-year entrepreneurial inspiration online, but you have two more chances to visit her physical store before the end of the year: exclusively at PLUS EIGHT TWO cafe in Singapore on the 29th and 30th of December!



H – howpetalsfall, C – Carpe Bloom

C: What motivated you to start your own brand that retails a message: originality, design and music?


H: I started producing enamel pins to create a product that can integrate art into everyday life. A single pin can really transform a bag or a jacket and make an object truly your own.  Most of my designs are inspired by the South Korean band, BTS ( 방탄소년단 ) because they have revolutionised my world through songs about individualism and self-love. I love the satisfaction of turning a design to an actual product I can hold in my hands, so in a sense, my pins have become a pride and a part of me that I love.



C: What is your favourite part about cafe events/opportunities to physically set up shop?

H: I operate my business through an online platform as well as pop up events. The big difference about making a physical sale at a cafe is getting to meet the customers. It makes me very happy when I get to say “hi, would you like to take a look at my design?” in person because I get to forge a closer connection with the people who visit me. It always extends beyond a transaction because ultimately we all enjoy the Korean pop culture and can connect over that.


C: What has been a highlight of your journey thus far?

H: A particular incident that sticks out would be when this really sweet Singaporean girl saw that my preorders were not doing very well and reached out to me through text. She willingly forked out a significant amount of money to buy close to twenty pins, just so I could bring the design to life. I think it’s very easy to see the numbers and figures through a screen and forget that there is another person on the other side of the transaction. This experience really taught me humility because this perfect stranger was so ready to offer it to me when I needed it the most. It was truly an uplifting moment and one that I will not forget any time soon.

howpetalsfall shop.png

C: What does failure mean to you?

H: Failure means setting certain expectations for myself and failing to meet them. In the line of business, failure for me would be failing to provide the best quality pins to my customers- especially with the knowledge that they paid for the product with the impression that it would turn out a certain way. This has yet to happen but if it ever does, I hope I’ll be able to overcome it by improving my services.


C: What advice would you have for young people who want to develop the entrepreneurial streak within them?


H: First of all, I want to reaffirm all the youths out there who have a dream that they want to realise- this initial spark of passion can go a long way in igniting your drive to succeed! As for advice, I suppose it’s all about being creative and meeting the needs of the market. It’s always good to try new things because that’s what entrepreneurship is about but you would want to create a product or service that people are interested in! After all, it’s not always “Art for Art’s sake” and a business is about making profits as well.


Keep up to date with Ens’s new drops on howpetalsfall on Instagram and her website (it’s currently open)!

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