Welcome to the start of the LEGACY SERIES – featuring exclusives with local and international musical acts who took the stage on the first weekend of December. 

DJ Fariz and producer Fazrin are the dynamic brothers who form duo “Doppelgangerz”. When the two took mainstage at 9pm
, the beach was packed. “The Singapore music scene is definitely going in the right direction, especially after [the success of] Legacy Festival, which consists of a lineup that’s heavy on local acts!” The duo had definitely gotten the crowd swinging, locals and international visitors alike. “Legacy was about making locals love a festival with their own local heroes on the same lineup as the international superstars, that music connects us with everyone else in the world”, Festival Director and fellow AOS Collective DJ Andrew says via email. This vision was certainly met on both days of Legacy, with the brothers playing a huge role in the ever-evolving and diverse dance music scene in Singapore. 

D – Doppelgangerz, C – Carpe Bloom

C/O Gabriel @expositories 

C: I respect Retrospect, I confess that I love confessions. Doppelgangerz, we’re excited and honoured to be having this conversation with you! Can you tell us more about your Legacy experience – as DJs, were you guys excited about the festival lay-out and set-up mimicking that of European music festivals, and did that make a difference to you as performers?

D: Legacy was amazing. It’s unique in its own way because of the culture and atmosphere that the festival had. To be honest, that was the first time that we were booked to play on the mainstage of a major festival and it felt amazing to perform our tracks live in front of a huge audience. We even managed to hang out backstage with some of our DJing idols such as Don Diablo and Alok!

C: That’s truly awesome to hear! What is the best part about producing and playing in Asia — do you think that the Singapore electronic dance music scene is thriving now?

D: We feel that the best part about producing and playing in Asia is that people here are always excited and ready to listen to new genres of music. The Singapore Music scene is definitely going in the right direction especially after the success of Legacy Festival, which consists of a lineup that’s heavy on local acts!

C: Beyond being familiar with your home city (#LIONCITYSINGAPORE), you guys are familiar with one another – as brothers! What’s the best part about working as brothers, especially with different skillsets? Does this mean that more production can be done in-house?

C/O Gabriel @expositories 

D: The best part is that we’re two different people with the same music taste but different skillsets. Sometimes when Faz is producing music, I’ll (Fariz) just hum out the melody and he’ll be able to duplicate it on the DAW with the exact sound that I had in mind! It also helps because we’re able to focus on specializing in our respective fields and it translates to a seamless live set. Faz will work on producing the music while I’ll design the set and do tricks live on stage! And yes, all of our production is done in-house (literally).

C: As young award winners of competitions such as Live Mix Maestro, what advice would you give to youth who want to start a career in the music industry?

D: Open up to different genres of music and try to learn something new every day. Most importantly, just be yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out.

C/O Gabriel @expositories 

C: We’re so hyped to hear more of your music, your originals and the diverse flavour you inject into mixes! You guys aimed to play festivals in 2019, and did just that — what can your fans look forward to now that you’ve hit more milestones in your careers?

D: There is so much more to go for Doppelgangerz, we aim to play more festivals in 2020, create brand new music that we love and also plan our own live show next year so do look out for that!

Catch up with Doppelgangerz on Instagram and Spotify.

C/O Gabriel @expositories 

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