Welcome to the fourth installment of AFTERGLOW, where we feature key individuals who made a wonderful part of the Glow Festival experience. Team Carpe got the opportunity to engage with Martin Capstick, Co-Founder and CEO of Exceed. Underneath the hot sun and amidst the happy crowds unwinding on our sunny beach island, he talked to us about giving back on two fronts: OURSELVES, and THOSE AROUND US.

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What do you feel is the relationship between innovation and motivating people to pursue their passion?

That’s a big question! We can take GLOW Fest as an example. The motivation behind this was to shine a light on the issue that we see in modern society; that people just don’t know how to stop. They don’t how to unwind or just be in the moment. Even when people are “relaxing”, they’re not actually doing so — they’re posting, they’re selfie-ing –it’s all pretty competitive stuff. We wanted to shine a light on that and bring certain activities together, which we think help create this atmosphere for true relaxation. We needed to be innovative about doing that, here at GLOW.

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So the idea of bringing food, relaxation, comfortable activities in this setting together — we wanted people to take the idea of recharging away and incorporate at least one aspect of what we’re promoting through the festival, into their every-day lives.

Shake Farm

But most importantly, we need to take these activities that serve to highlight the “escape” from the hustle and bustle, and innovate them. Yoga, meditation, the whole idea of healthy eating — that is such a booming industry. So many people of different ages can come back to this. However, innovating new ways of experiencing life and relaxing in different environments is something that is part of GLOW — at the core of GLOW. But also Food, the whole idea of healthy food and coming together – the simple thing of eating can be innovated into making something of the moment you share with your friends, your family and experiencing this recharge process.

Then there’s music, which is all about joy, and love, and compassion — doing it together. The Fun Run is a very interesting one, because to be honest, that’s for angling a different perspective of your mind. That’s about charity — so it’s about taking your mind off the individual and doing something for those who are less fortunate than you. That is a morally healthy kind of culture to perpetuate and to do. So the way that we craft and produce our activities is focused on how to develop something innovatively to enable you to experience the message and motivate yourself to do something for yourself, as well as others.


Well Martin, we’re definitely seeing the fruits of innovation applied to these activities right here at GLOW — we’re all very happy to be here!



Yeah! All of us are glad to be basking in the sun, the environment, and the intangible feeling of just letting go and keeping in touch with ourselves.

That’s great! That was something we wanted to get across.

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You guys have done a superb job. Can we than ask, Martin — what advice do you have for young people who want to pursue their interests in giving back to the community?

Having a job where you benefit and where you can give back to society isn’t mutually exclusive. I think that if you do something which comes from the right place, the after-effects will automatically have a positive effect on those around you. The two are intertwined to a certain extent. So I just think — don’t be afraid to try it, don’t be afraid to fail. That was one of the best pieces of advice I received when I first started my business; don’t ever be afraid to fail. But from that, you have got something to learn. Failure’s okay, but learn. Try to learn, and you’ll find something that works out eventually — you’ll get in your groove, and you won’t stop then! If it comes from the right place, and you have the right reasons, you’ll have a positive impact.

Thank you to AIA Glow Festival and Saffron Communications for making this collaboration possible. Read the second installment of the afterGLOW with Carpe Bloom here.


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