Laura Kasperzak met us with a burning smile in the blazing sun — resplendent of a trail-blazer in her field! We talked to her about keeping in line with your goals, for your own pursuit of happiness. Her words of advice rung concisely and clearly through our minds: That choosing to leap into the unknown for a chance to chase your passion is worth it! Here’s the ‘view on the third installment of the afterGLOW on Carpe Bloom. 

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Thank you for agreeing to meet us! As a fan of your work with people, yoga, and the art of it — we’d like to ask what the most enjoyable part of teaching something so close to the body spiritually?

What I love is inspiring people around me! It’s about inspiring them to move, inspiring the people around them to move – and recognising that this movement and this self-care is important. For myself, I would think that I inspire my family, to start yoga and start incorporating movement into their lifestyles. Yeah, the inspiring part is what I love!


What was the change that you saw or felt in your life when you switched from your desk job to a full-time yoga teacher/master?

I think I became a happier person! I feel that feeling miserable at a joy that you don’t exactly love can be very depressing and day in and day out, to feel that low energy, can be very heart-breaking. When I changed career paths, I became a much happier person.

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I see, I see. I can practically feel your happy energy from here!

Oh my goodness, thank you! I’d hoped so.

You’re a trail blazer, Laura — in teaching yoga, in understanding energy and movement in life. Can you give us some words of advice for those inspired to blaze their own trails?

I would say: never give up and you’re never too old to embark a new path. You know, I was in my thirties when I decided to switch my path and do something that I felt more passionate about. It may seem scary at first, but if you really want it — I’m going to tell you, you’ll really get there.

Laura 8

Laura began her yoga journey over 22 years ago in the basement of her sister’s house.
She stumbled upon a yoga VHS tape and decided to try it. Little did she know that it
would set her on a completely different life path. After sharing her practice on her
Instagram, @laurasykora, she finally found the courage to pursue teaching! Inspired to
share her knowledge and experiences, Laura received her 200-hour Registered Yoga
Teacher certification with the Yoga Alliance® in 2013 through Yoga in the World. Laura
is currently working towards her RYT-500 certification through High Energy Fusion
Yoga® under the guidance of her teachers Victoria Arvizu and Gabriella Dondero. Laura
is also certified to teach Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and ACROVINYASA,
which is a form of AcroYoga.

Laura’s playful nature and fun personality shines through during her classes. She loves to be upside down or balancing on her hands, so expect inversions to be a staple in her class! Her ability to break postures down makes her classes accessible to yogis of all levels. She continues to be an active leader in the yoga community by sharing her practice with over 1.2 million followers through her social media channels. Her mission is to provide a carefree yoga experience in an atmosphere that is not only inviting and nurturing, but playful and challenging. Through creative and intelligent sequencing, her goal is to show students their potential and strength that they then can take off the yoga mat and into their lives.

Thank you to AIA Glow Festival and Saffron Communications for making this collaboration possible. Read the second installment of the afterGLOW with Carpe Bloom here.

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