There she was. Nina Nesbitt, decked out in a stunning one-of-a-kind, short-sleeved neon jacket over a tank and denim shorts. The room seemed so small, hardly spacious enough to contain the wonderful energy, the amazing spirit of the Scottish songstress. We hugged, and I still can’t believe this happened over the weekend at Glow Festival 2019.

She took the floor away during our interview, where her love for music, her audience and the fine art of story-telling shone through.

Having been a fan since Somebody Special and really being mesmerised by the personal touch in your music — we wanted to ask: Do you usually draw from your own experiences into your songs?

Thank you! Yeah, normally. Something Special was about my life, getting back with my ex-boyfriend and being in a relationship where you feel good about yourself. But other songs could be about friends or those close to me — I feel their feelings, I feel their pain.

We were obsessed and extremely impressed at the production and sound of Loyal To Me. How do you stay loyal to your craft? How do you find the passion to keep on going?

Yeah, passion! It’s good to take breaks in between projects. I write a lot of bad songs, and then I’ll have a few that I love. You just have to keep going, and speak up for the ones that you like, and tuck the rest away. I didn’t really write last year; I wanted to clear it all out. Then, I’ll go through the process again, and find new experiences to draw from.

That’s one of the most admirable things about you as an artist, Nina — you really connect to your audience through stories, and what really impacts you in real life.

The last question is about how you keep slaying, as an icon of being brave and opening up your heart — So from the very bottom of your heart, what would you say to all the young people out there who are in the process of chasing their dreams?

I feel like the most important thing that makes any successful person — whatever they do — is the mentality that they have and their self belief. That’s something that is so important and something that I really struggled with. I think what’s really helped me is  finding your groove. Write down what you want to achieve every month, and then what you want to achieve in six months. Then keep that in your head. The more you see it happening,the better you feel. Set yourself achievable goals, and just keep going. You have to maintain this belief yourself — that’s something YOU can do for YOU.

Unravel the beautiful stories that Nina Nesbitt tells through her lyrical masterpieces right here, and catch up with her here!


nina nesbitt

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