A habit is a routine of behaviour or process that you practise regularly – it is intrinsic to your day, unconsciously performed, and may be a good or bad habit.

For issue 6 of Carpe Bloom – the issue to close off 2018 – we don’t want to hear about why you think your habit should be kept or should be kicked. What we want to hear is why you perform it.

In fact, we’d like to hear about habits of people  you admire, too. Or perhaps despise.

Habits make us human, and mould the type of person we are. Habits come from within, or from people and places close to our hearts – be it good or bad – and sometimes, it’s easier to share. As opposed to explaining, simply spill : You don’t need to explain yourself to us. Just seize the opportunity to look inside yourself, and spill the beans.

Who are you, really?

We want to hear from you, and we welcome you – and all your habits – with open arms. Drop us a line from 7th September – 30th September 2018 [first wave!], to close off the year by doing a good deed to yourself – remembering why you are human.


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