collapse of construction (6).jpg

It is important to collapse the construction with each other in mind.

While different communities may be unfairly placed in different positions or different lights in society, it is important to remember that a construction is levied upon every one of us. We’re all levied out a comparison to another person of the same race’s past behaviour, albeit unfairly – everyone receives such a measure of a stereotype, placed flat across our skin.

It’s not fair to strive for harmony without recognising that. A way in which we can choose to progress smoothly and with the forging of more positive interactions, could be to strive for equal opportunities for everyone.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be proud of who they are as a person, from a certain race, celebrating a certain culture and inheriting a certain heritage. The opportunity to celebrate who we are extends to everyone.

As young people, agents for positive change – we become the organisers for a wonderful celebration.

So don’t let your #CollapseofConstruction serve its purpose for yourself only; put your all into cultivating a place for everyone in Singapore – a place where everyone can be celebrated, and where the different races in Singapore can be happily appreciated together.

Aanaanthi, we are honoured to have had this conversation with you. We appreciate it.

Text & Concept: Athena Tan

Photography: Trevor Wee


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