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words in BOLD are Shikin's voice.

CARPE: We’re coming to the end of our campaign. Shikin – please share with us some ‘across the bench’ thoughts on diversity – what rules and ideas could be upheld, applicable to every part of society and racial community – that helps us strive towards a racially harmonious society? 

SHIKIN: More often than not, the words I hear being used to describe a Malay do more harm than good. Words like ‘lazy’, ‘rowdy’and ‘not cooperative’ are some of the milder words that I’ve heard being thrown at our community when describing  us.

  1. Think before you ‘build’ a construction that is detrimental, in terms  of feeding an unfair stereotype.

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I’m honoured to be a part of this campaign because it  provides a platform to openly talk about matters  pertaining to race and ethnicity and how exactly it can shape our identity.

2. Youth are here for the opportunities that will allow them to speak out.

My race will always be a part of me that I take pride in, especially as a minority in Singapore.

I do feel that we should have a stronger grip on our cultural roots in order to preserve and pass down heritage, customs and beliefs unique to our culture as Malays, to our future generation. I wish the same for each and every individual of other communities as well.

3. Treasure the opportunities we have to interact with stories and people of our own races, and lift each other up. Ensure that the love carries on.

Shikin, we are honoured to have had this conversation with you. We appreciate it.

Text & Concept: Nur Ashikin Zulkifli, Athena Tan

Photography: Trevor Wee

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