SORAVEE is a youth in Singapore who has been studying here since 2009. We reached out to him to find out his thoughts about being of a different race – Thai-Chinese – in our Singaporean society.

collapse of construction (4).jpg


The main takeaway from our conversation with Soravee was that UNDERSTANDING practised by both parties in the interaction is VITAL to creating a comfortable environment for strong relationships between people of different races.

In Singapore, events such as the Migrant Worker Poetry Competition have enabled our society (inclusive of our migrant workers) bridge the gap between the possible differences in life experience and values that surface due to our differing race, nationality and culture. Students in schools are also able to learn more about the importance of appreciating racial diversity by fostering positive interactions.

Denim jackets are made of – well, denim. Denim is a material that is stiff by nature, and retains a certain shape – a certain restriction – that is only reformed or morphed when a person dons this jacket, and wears it often. Throughout our campaign, our models donned these denim jackets, speaking to us from within the construction – the ‘constructed’ clothing of a denim jacket – and made the denim softer. i.e, providing us with unique insight on #CollapseofConstruction.

In the digital age, us young people are increasingly being exposed to activist movements started by people who are only a couple of years older than ourselves. As a result, we are made more aware of our potential in doing more for our own society, because nothing is holding us back from reaching out to our friends – let us start small – and our larger communities in terms of appreciating them for who they are, as a person of a different race, with beautiful and unique culture to share.

Soravee, thank you for talking to us within the construction [the denim jacket].

Text & Concept: Athena Tan

Photography: Trevor Wee


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