We will be headed into the thick of 2018 by the time Issue 5 will drop on online platforms, and as young people ourselves—we definitely understand the struggles of getting through the seemingly endless months/days of exhausting work.

Being emotionally drained is something that may hinder one’s progress and cause us to forget what goals we’re aiming for, or who [around us] that we’re trying to create better experiences for.

Hence, in Issue 5, we invite you to

  • Look back on the times you cherish the  most – reading a text from someone you love, basking in the presence of your closest friends and family, or simply taking the time to understand somebody  new, and

  • See these moments as ‘armour’.

Our best memories bring smiles to our faces, and in a sense, they offer protection, too. When we are feeling down or in our lowest spirits, we can always help ourselves to get up and push on once again. AMO, ARMOUR isn’t just about love, love, love – it’s about how the moments and memories you love became a light during your dark days. We want you to tell us, through poetry or prose or microfiction, that everyone – of all ages and all sizes, of all personalities and all characteristics – is able to find a strength in recalling the moments they cherish.

Note: AMO, ARMOUR is open to your interpretation. The above are guidelines or details that provide slight contextualisation – they do not limit the style or technique or topics you are supposed to cover! CREATE WHAT COMES NATURAL TO YOU, AND WHAT YOU THINK IS YOUR BEST INTERPRETATION.

#AMOARMOUR #CARPEBLOOM – I hope that seeing your work featured in Amo, Armour at the end of our collaboration becomes one of the best moments for you, too!


Each piece of work in SEPARATE documents [no Google Docs]

Subject: Issue 5: Amo, Armour: SUBMISSION

Do include a note to the Eds to let us know more about you, or where you’re coming from! ❤



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