We spoke to FERRY for Issue 3.5: The Contemporary Condition, about identity’s intrinsic relationship with creative work, artistic commitments, and how her live performance with band Giants Must Fall that changed her outlook on performing musically.


What’s your opinion on learning beyond our typical classroom methods?


We thank Jean (FERRY) for the best conversation and for bringing a unique perspective [from an artist] to the table.

Please keep your eyes peeled for MAY 2018, where FERRY will be bringing something new to all of us! Catch up with her here!, and listen to her WORDS here.

This Heart to Say was–as usual–delivered with you in mind. Athena had the most enlightening conversation with Jean (FERRY), and together, they bring to you genuine advice chilled with experienced & warmed with heart.

Photo c/o FERRY,
Arrangement + Editing : Athena

#H2S2018 is now: LIVE.



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