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We had a great conversation with Adrian Wee of eatmepoptart. Here’s an excerpt (including two questions we left out from the full thing, because we wanted to post this special)! Here’s the full thing.

CBLOOM: Before hitting the decks, is there some sort of procedure or ritual that you and the DJs playing for the night do to warm up?

Haha not really. The prep for a night takes around two months, so during that time we cover all our bases to make sure the word gets out and we promote it correctly to our crowd. However, even after so many years, I still get pre-event jitters. I get nervous and paranoid about the night doing badly and no one turns out and they throw eggs at me. That goes away once we see a healthy crowd.

CBLOOM: It is a reality that commercialization may be necessary to continue building one’s passion—Is this the same for Eatmepoptart?

I think we keep a healthy balance between commercialisation and integrity. We are ultimately a night for the crowds to enjoy and we exist in that grey area between commercial music and the underground. I don’t want to be a night where were play totally obscure sounds and say ‘fuck you’ to those who don’t appreciate it, and neither do I want to be another generic night that you can find in many clubs at any given weekend. We don’t have any hard and fast rules, but there’s this ‘eatmepoptart feeling’ in the music we pick to play. I think we’ve done pretty well balancing the night in the zone where our crowds feel comfortable attending.


CBLOOM: We noticed that Eatmepoptart has a magazine, on their webpage. (We love the concept and enjoy reading the interviews with local artistes and bands, as well as Popettes!) Why did the Eatmepoptart team make the decision to have this magazine?

I wanted Eatmepoptart to grow into more than a club night but into a kinda of a lifestyle immersed with music, people, good manners and creativity. The magazine is one of the things we started to expand the Eatmepoptart experience and voice. Although the content is quite lean now, we’d like it, at some point, to regularly spotlight artists, bands, creatives and the people who attend our event.

CBLOOM: Who or what are the three most important people or things that are instrumental to the pre-Eatmepoptart parties?

I would say, before everything else, the two other DJs who played with me in the formative years, Zaidi and Aida, were the best partners and friends that I could ever ask for. They were instrumental in making the night a success, and I learned a lot from them. Unfortunately, they are not with us today due to their other commitments.

At more recent times, Robin (KiDG) has been such an awesome trooper as well. We’ve gone through many transitions and setbacks over the years and he has played a key indispensable role in the party.

We also took inspiration from similar parties happening around the world, and one party that we really looked up to was Trash club in London created by Erol Alkan. It was a legendary club night that would pack out a large room despite being held on Mondays.

issue 3.5_FINALFIN_2_007

CBLOOM: What can we next anticipate from Eatmepoptart in 2018?

I’d like to see the party grow in two opposite directions. As much as we love to have huge festival-like atmospheres, we equally get thrills from smaller, more intimate events. We would like to build on the big stuff we’ve done this year and plan for a few more in 2018, at the same time, I’m also looking at small parties in intimate spaces- I feel we need to that connect with our crowds and give them a different kind of experience that you can’t achieve with big events. So yeah, that’s the plan for 2018- a slew of different Eatmepoptart experiences.

23112017_Poptart_Colossal012_Cleanissue 3.5_FINALFIN_2_008


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