TeamCarpeBloom: request to send file

》》 open file

》》》 strings / words / inner child / races / against red strings


》 respond? 》》 yes



User_1 》》 respond

: I can’t be bothered


User_33 》》 respond

: I don’t have time to read behind the lines


User_56 》》 you can bother 》》 you can bother 》


User_78: don’t have time for this sh*t


User_2: I have an idea, let me type it out…


User_55: loGGG off mannn

User_73: is this about zxxxxxxx? if not i’m not interested

User_4: i think it’s a good one!

User_55: don’t bother. It looks lame


User_73: oh man what you said literally had no meaning; don’t bother reading that bullsh*t


User_5: @user_73, no one cares!

User_5: f*ckng go and quit the internet


User_2: guys, i dont mind the bad stuff…. but pls give me constructive feedback

User_2: i mean, if you guys think it’s bad, maybe you could tell me more?


User_73: status: offline

User_75: status: offline

User_56: status: offline


User_4: i like it. Let’s connect?

》》 connect?

》》 》 no


User_2: it’s not like anyone cares. It’s a bad idea

User: you’re right.

User_2: status:| do not bother |

User_4: hello?


TeamCarpeBloom: <You have A Request>

 connect with readers?


》》 don’t bother

》》 delete

》》》respond:  yes, we will try


User_32: status: online

User_32: i have an idea


TeamCarpeBloom: request to send file

》》 click 》》 open file

》》》 never said / with / words / and red strings / our inner child / subscribes / creativity / to inspire




conceptualization&editorial: ATHENA & KYLIN

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