What All of Us Need to Remember

Sometimes we do feel incredibly small.

In this world – and probably the many parallel universes that we let idle minds walk into – there are, undeniably, many things happening. I often find that this can be either a blessing or a curse.

Squaring us in – I’m a student, a daughter, taker-of-O-Levels and, if I scream it loudly enough, someone with enough passion to fuel her pursuits and help others grab hold of some dreams along the way. While I, like many other youth, aspire to be something of our own—excelling in a career that we like to roll around on our lips—I also like to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being the creative scene where young people frequent, for example. (Shameless promotion on the very collective I’m promoting: Carpe Bloom! Featuring works of youth all over the world! PASSION > STEREOTYPES!).

There’s a definite yet intangible thrill of being a part of something bigger, but there’s also that part of us which wants to cement a place on the sidewalk for ourselves, and ourselves only. In introspect (of the eventful teenage-years I am currently living), this is not a selfish action. If it were to be perceived as selfish to want to string lights through your name and let it light up the dark in a corner of the night you can call yours, then please do grab a loud-hailer1 and shout into the skies that it is human nature!

It is human nature to, perhaps, yearn or long or slightly want to feel ‘big’ in this ginormous world. This last sentence could possibly attest to that, for I used the word ‘ginormous’—I mean who uses that word when they could opt for more common, similar adjectives such as ‘enormous’ or ‘gigantic’ or simply, ‘big’?.

All in all, I’d like to express here that while we sometimes can feel incredibly small, we can never tell ourselves to give up. Instead, we can tell ourselves that we can sometimes feel incredibly empowered, too. We all have the ability to reach into ourselves and ignore the outside world and its clashing opinions and salt-mines galore for a bit; instead, grab that instinctual feeling, curled up like a ribbon in the bottom of your cut or hidden inside a clenched fist, and wave it about. There may be times where we crawl home, soaked under an umbrella, robotically jamming house-keys into the doors of our houses—who don’t deserve to be poked at so vengefully, Miss Mis-Directed Anger—legs leaden not by exhaustion but of metaphorical wear and tear. While we exist in a world with wonderful platforms that enable us to spout all the opinions we’d like, we then have to tolerate opinions which will heard as plain jarring, as well. We might come home all worn out and weary from the challenges ever-present in our routines and our lifestyles—yes, I’m not ruling out that embarrassing trip on the train because you lost your balance one afternoon—but what’s important is the bit after we come home and drape ourselves sadly within our walls.

Cheer up.

With the world being so ginormous, it’s a blessing we’re alive and able to explore it—physically and also not-so-physically. Creating our own spaces online, channelling our inner creatives and sharing it with audiences. We are able to exist and, if motivated, if determined, we are able to dive into opportunities and shout our names in colours, bubble letters, w/ strung lights: all the works.

What I’ve been describing isn’t a physical manifestation of our names mounted on billboards and signages. I have been talking about a really great feeling that manages to make you feel like you’re walking on air2 because you’re so happy with who you are.

(Ah, to be dramatic, I’ll wrap this up by completing my pattern of repetition) –

Sometimes we do feel incredibly small.

But more often than not, it’s because we aren’t seeing the chances life gives us to push ourselves to be bigger.

For an insightful essay on sustaining the drive to dream, head over to Issue 2 : Iron in the Fire and have a nice read of Elizabeth Yong’s piece, aptly and thought-provokingly titled Where do Dreams go when they are crushed?


1: Working with someone new, someone punny and someone who’ll be featured in Carpe Bloom’s Issue 3 – KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED! (by the way…have you submitted yet?)

2bts bang pd twt

(I just had to reference to his Tweet)

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Because #AsianTalentREPRESENT at the BBMAs this week


++ FEATURED IMAGE:  wonderfully captured by Steven Halama! (block-colour editing c/o EIC)

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