In this issue, we explore what makes society human, and what makes society not. On one hand, society nudges us to fit into stereotypes and encourages us to feel uncomfortable in our own skin. On the other, society dons rose-lenses and tattoos heart-shapes on our arms and sends virtual hugs our way.

With accessibility to opinions from literally anyone in the world, anywhere, and the ability for us to experience what others experience through song lyrics, Tumblr posts and vlogs, society itself is the world’s twenty-four hour marketplace. We engage in this pulsating body of thought and let it engulf us and influence us into thinking and behaving in a certain way. Society is our teacher, our influencer, our enemy and a force – pushing us to our limits, bending us in one direction or forcing us to open our eyes.

In The People We Make, we look at how the world may not be a wish-granting factory, but how society is a manufacturer that moulds us to become what we have become.

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