TWO DAYS ‘TIL RELEASE! We are beyond excited to unveil Issue 2: Iron in the Fire to everyone!

In this issue, youth touch on loss – the loss of focus, the loss of motivation, the loss of love for themselves.

In this issue, youth also touch on growth – through family, through language, through older, wiser versions of themselves.

This issue also presents a side of youth that many may not pause to consider – the Youth-In-Progress period of healing and recovering from their losses. As young people ourselves, having the privilege to read and edit such pieces warmed our hearts greatly, and on some occasions, brought (me) to tears professional states of emotional distress. Not because these youth had written something particularly sad, but because our contributors had given love, care and concern to their submissions – each piece had a piece of themselves between lines, within photographs, dancing along stanzas of poetry.

We are immensely excited and proud to be the team of two, Head-Editor and Visual Director of Carpe Bloom’s issue 2: Iron in the Fire, and hopefully many more.



Carpe Bloom

| @carpebloom on Instagram for visual updates!

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