issue two / MY ENERGY

It is three-thirty in the afternoon. It is that time of the day, when all wonders happen and all miracles said to cease to exist, start rippling through the air like haze butterflies and moths and other charming insects take to the skies.

It is the time of the day when the Reading people start their frantic and amusing WhatsApp correspondence regarding  our precious treasures — actually, the pieces we’ve been graced with for issue 2 are certainly precious treasures. We describe this texting exchange as frantic because we’re excited to pair visuals with text, to pair text with hearts and, above all, beyond chill about riding along with a sweet line of poetry, an intriguing thread of story or a particularly striking dialogue that a kind soul has deposited into our inbox.

Amusing because typos become increasingly frequent and we will all have sore thumbs on Monday. And because we’re all youth who go to school, this will be duly reflected in our…quality of handwriting this week. For a good cause, it has been!

Rest assured, the energy that Team Carpe Bloom is putting into putting together (gosh, what a confusing little sentence) the next issue of the magazine, is reciprocated. Yes, the energy supply shared within this humble organisation (non-profit, big heart – for anyone who wanted to know) is immediately replenished within a dazzling few seconds. A few clicks of a mouse and some neck-craning as we scroll down the pages; reading the submissions makes us feel

  1. extremely grateful to have received them
  2. extremely overjoyed, because the contributors who’ve submitted by the first open-call-deadline have taken this theme beyond what we had originally envisioned in the write-up,
  3. empowered.

We’ll just leave #3 like that. No elaboration. Instead, you’ll have to continue this journey into Issue 2 with all of us to discover the new breed of motivational writers – present in our very own hub of sometimes exhausted, on-occasion-energetic and undeniably passionate youth.


We’ll leave you to that! Stay tuned for the next teaser for Issue 2: IRON IN THE FIRE.

❤ The deadline for submissions has been extended to 12th April. If you’d like to give your poetic/photographic  interpretation of the theme, IRON IN THE FIRE, drop us an email as soon as you can get your thumbs online (careful not to get them sore…).


Til then,




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