WHEN THE SUN HAD NOT YET RISEN, we were playing around with formatting. The crazy thing about inspiration is that it only hits you at the most absurd times of the day – or night. That’s why the thee of us coffee-induced souls went to bed at 12:30, got out of bed at 1:30 and worked on Bright Beginning until 4 -plus in the morning.

Now, the image featured in this post won’t be in the first issue, but it will remain in  this team’s heart. I am very proud to announce that Bright Beginning features the works of several young creators from all walks of life, and who bring multiple perspectives to the table – be it through beautifully worded stanzas or slants of sunshine through photography.

As we read through the pieces submitted, the AM-surroundings became less dark. (honestly I) felt less alone, editing by myself on a laptop. The darkness outside and the silence of the house paled in comparison to the brightness…

not the literal brightness of my laptop screen, but the bright, fiery flames of passion that licked my dreams each time we laid out a new piece (honestly – moaning about colours and fonts and the prettiness of words that were sent to us).

Hopefully, the release of Issue I: Bright Beginning will see you lighting your own sparks! I am certain that the blood, sweat and tears of the team [Liyana June, our head-reader, I LOVE YOU] and contributors [whose names you shall see soon! <3] will take you on an exhilarating ride.

Buckle up! And brace yourself for the screaming passion, comin’ at you!

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