2016 has been a year that left many overwhelmed…or underwhelmed. We have met many roadblocks in our journey through these 12 months; we’ve also been hit by very nasty surprises that threaten world-peace, taxes, and our future. Why should this matter to you? We are youth, and this is our world. The first issue of Carpe Bloom aims to refresh the minds of many and put the B back in bloom and B in beginning! We invite you to contribute original pieces that fall in line with the theme of Bright Beginning.

What are we looking for?  Well, what would you like to feast your eyes on for the New Year? To inspire and motivate fellow youth, we’re looking at you guys to enable others via channeling positivity and a heck of a lot of hope through your pieces. It is possible to change the world by pursuing your passion, and we hope that this issue will celebrate the new beginnings that you desire!

Have an original piece that might fit this theme? Become a Contributor! ❤ we don’t bite (we hug)! Send in your submissions by 15th January, 2017!


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