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The spirit of Carpe Bloom in seizing the day means that we take every opportunity to develop numerous creative projects, experimenting with sound engineering, video, photography, journalism to externalise other pursuits of passion, aligned with social concerns and causes. Presenting to you Team Carpe's affiliated projects - their status, directors and links can be found below. [...]


Our collective showcases the artistic products of talented youth and (people below the age of 35!) all around the world, and we invite you to join the community of young content-creators.


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ISSUE 5: AMO, ARMOUR | The Little Red Piano by Kyle Perdue

I was walking on the sidewalk when my beanie was blown off by the wind. There were several thunder-clouds, just outside of town, dark and heavy, that were riding the breeze in quickly. They crackled and growled, warning us that yes, they would soon be lit by strikes overhead, lighting the sky up – a [...]


As Bella put wonderfully, when there is diversity, we need to learn to go beyond tolerance and move towards wholeheartedly accepting the differences between us. As youth, we are in the position to reshape the culture of acceptance in our current Singaporean society. The idea of tolerance plays a part in helping us progress forwards for [...]


TO COLLAPSE THE CONSTRUCTION: THE INGREDIENT OF UNDERSTANDING The main takeaway from our conversation with Soravee was that UNDERSTANDING practised by both parties in the interaction is VITAL to creating a comfortable environment for strong relationships between people of different races. 


ISSUE 5: AMO, ARMOUR [LOVE, ARMOUR] We will be headed into the thick of 2018 by the time Issue 5 will drop on online platforms, and as young people ourselves—we definitely understand the struggles of getting through the seemingly endless months/days of exhausting work. Being emotionally drained is something that may hinder one’s progress and cause us [...]

ISSUE 8: ibid. |Summertime by Wali

Prose by Wali Photography by Hew Zi Heng   Summertime.   When I’m  travelling alone, away from the people down below, it gives me time to think, The day they perfect in-flight cell signals is the day I’d probably buy a submarine. My ears popped as one of stewardesses smiled and asked if I wanted red or [...]


Laura Kasperzak met us with a burning smile in the blazing sun -- resplendent of a trail-blazer in her field! We talked to her about keeping in line with your goals, for your own pursuit of happiness. Her words of advice rung concisely and clearly through our minds: That choosing to leap into the unknown [...]